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Graduate Training in the Ezhkova Lab!


PhD and MS students welcome!

We are looking to add graduate students to the laboratory. Check out our Research page to learn about our overall focus and the ongoing projects in the lab.

Please reach out to Elena Ezhkova with information about your research interests to schedule a meeting and rotation. We would love to have you visit the lab or attend a lab meeting.

Our current graduate students also encourage you to email them to meet and/or ask questions about the laboratory. Please find their emails below and on the Lab Members page!

Previous Trainees:

Carmit Bar

PhD Candidate, 2015-2020

Current position:​ Scientific Associate, IMPRINT Publication Science

Katherine Dauber

PhD Candidate, 2012-2017

Current position: Senior research coordinator, Northwell Health

Current Trainees:

Madison Weber

PhD Candidacy 2021

Meagan Branch

PhD Candidacy 2022

Maria Mercedes

PhD Candidacy 2023

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