Lab News

Congratulations Venu for becoming a PhD candidate!

Congratulations to Idan and Carmit for fantastic talks at the GRS and GRC on Epidermal Differentiation and Keratinization

New Publication

Congratulations to Carmit for the publication "Polycomb Repressive Complex 1 Controls Maintenance of Fungiform Papillae by Repressing Sonic Hedgehog Expression"

Congratulations to Idan for giving a plenary talk at the SID annual meeting!

New Publication

Congratulations to Minh for the publication "Dissection of Merkel cell formation in hairy and glabrous skin reveals a common requirement for FGFR2-mediated signalling"

New Publication and Cover

Congratulations to Idan for the publication "PRC1 preserves epidermal tissue integrity independently of PRC2"

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