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Meagan at SID 2024

Meagan presented a talk on her studies in wound healing at the 2024 SID meeting in Dallas, TX.

CDRB Retreat 2023

Meng Yen presented a short talk and Pooja presented a speed poster at the 2023 joint BFSCI/CDRB retreat.

Meagan 2023

Meagan was selected for a short talk at the 2023 Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin, wherein she presented her exciting work on wound healing.

Aegean Conference 2023

Pooja & Elena at the 2023 Aegean Conferences 5th International Conference on Stem Cells. Elena gave a talk, and Pooja presented a poster.

August 2023

Celebrating our lab members and their accomplishments this summer with a laboratory lunch.

Meng Yen SBDRC 2023

Meng Yen presenting his selected talk at the Skin Biology and Disease Resource Center retreat.

ISID Organizers

Elena in Osaka, Japan with the organizers of the International Society for Investigative Dermatology to plan for the 2023 meeting.

NY Skin Club 2022

Madison presented a selected talk at the 2022 New York Skin Club. Congratulations!

ISID 2023

Welcome banner from the 2023 International Society for Investigative Dermatology meeting in Tokyo, Japan.

BFSCI/CDRB Retreat 2022

The lab had a great time at the annual joint BFSCI/CDRB retreat in the Catskills! Madison presented a trainee talk, and Meagan presented a poster & speed poster talk.

Fusion Conference 2022

Elena gave a seminar on epigenetic regulation of skin stem cells at the 3rd Fusion Conference on Epigenetics in Cancun, Mexico.

Elena and Julian

Great meeting former Ezhkova lab members at a conference! Julian, who was a postdoctoral fellow in our lab, is now an assistant professor at UNAM Mexico.

At the retreat! October 2021

The lab attended the joint BFSCI/CDRB retreat. Meng Yen was selected for a talk, Pooja gave a speed poster, Madison presented at the poster session, and Elena announced the new Skin Center.

Lab Picnic!
Ezhkova lab, december 2019

Congratulations Carmit for winning the BFSCI Skin Club best poster presentation!


Organizing committee of the BFSCI Skin Club


Congratulations Carmit for winning the BFSCI Skin Club best poster presentation!


Lobster night at the GRC! July 2019

SID, May 2019
SID, May 2019

CDRB retreat, Catskill Mountains Oct 2018


Katie's farewell, Sept 2017


Lab lunch, Tre Otto 4/19/2017


Julian's farewell, 4/20/2017


Julian's farewell, 4/20/2017

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